If you’re considering being a participant in this project, we strongly recommend that you read ALL of these important FAQ’s before submitting your video confession:

Are these anonymous video confessions?

Yes and No.

By offering us a video confession, you are agreeing to the possibility of your video being screened publicly throughout Toronto’s underground subway system.

Your name will NOT be made public on these videos. Nor will we disclose your contact information, anywhere at anytime.

However, your video confession – and by extension, your visual identity –  WILL be on display for others to see. That’s the exciting part. Knowing that you may be recognized makes this project all the more enticing. 

Is this project open to people outside of Toronto?


We welcome video confessions from anyone, anywhere. If you live in Iceland, your chances of being “recognized” in Toronto is less likely than someone who lives here.

That said, we encourage Torontonians to take on this exhilarating challenge.

Why do I need to give my name and email address in order to make a confession?

Because at some point before project launch day (July 1st), we’ll be contacting you personally for final approval. If you do not supply us with a legitimate email address, we will have no way of contacting you, and will not air your video confession. Please know that we will NOT use, share or disclose your email with others in any capacity.

Aren’t the videos they air on subway station screens silent? How will this work?

You’re right. All selected video confessions will be screened WITHOUT audio. This means that they will need to be subtitled. You will not have to worry about this. Our job, as project leaders, will be to take your video confession and create subtitles for it.

Will all submitted video confessions be broadcast?

We hope so. But this will ultimately depend on you, the quality of your video, and if it fits into our specified guidelines. Read on for those guidelines…

What is an acceptable video confession?

Confessions can take many forms: comical, mundane, shocking. We’re not interested in telling you what is “acceptable.” To some people, the very nature of this project may seem “unacceptable.” Bottom line….this is an experiment. If you’re honest and sincere, there should be no problems.

What is an unacceptable video confession?

We believe in free speech and encourage your honesty. However, if we must, we will ignore your confession if it includes hate speech, defamation, libel, or nudity. We will not tolerate the harassment, abuse, impersonation, or intimidation of others. Keep it respectful, honest, and genuine, please.

How long can I make my video confession?

Each video confession MUST be 10-15 seconds long. As project leaders, we’ll be taking on the task of editing your confession into a longer 30-second compilation video. Various 30-second compilations will be screened daily over the TTC’s digital subway screens from July 1st  – July 14th.

Why can I only make a 10-15 second video-confession?

In this case, we tend to believe that less is more. There’s a lot you can reveal in 10-seconds. Make it count. Know that If your video is any longer than 15-seconds, we will have to edit it. And we’d rather not do this. Keep an eye on your time when recording your video.

I am nervous. I have more questions before I actually submit my confession. Can I email you personally?

Yes, of course. We completely understand that you’re nervous. We’re nervous too! You can contact us at anytime with any questions you have. If you live in Toronto, and you feel more comfortable confessing to a person face-to-face, we’re happy to visit you in a safe space, and record your confession with our own camera.

Laura & John
Labspace Studio

I just submitted my video confession, but I changed my mind! I don’t want you to broadcast it. Please, help. What do I do now??

First off, don’t worry. Simply send us an email with your request.